Our Business


Fareast Mercantile Co. Limited (FMCL) has today diversified into distribution, retail & exports with diversified range of products in various categories – breakfast cereals, biscuits, dairy products, alcoholic & nonalcoholic beverages, personal care & more.
Ever since the start, we have been at the forefront of FMCG trade. By cooperating with global brands that resonate across consumer markets, we have strived hard to s [More....]

As part of the overall strategic initiative of forward integration done with the aim of bringing international luxury cosmetic brands to its discerning customers via its retail format, FMCL has launched exclusive retail signature store for MAC brand of cosmetics in Ghana. FMCL brings this top of the line fashion & cosmetics brand in snazzy new retail format, where the customer can engage & indulge with their favorites brands, try out n [More....]


Joint Ventures

FMCL is engaged in a number of joint ventures. We believe in mutual honesty, respect and benefits. We have built long-term partnerships with companies in different sectors to bring the international expertise of the companies to the Ghanaian economy. We have always been succeeded in proving that we are a capable partner for companies wishing to enter and succeed in the Ghanaian market. Being considerate of people, their needs, feelings and asp [More....]