Corporate Governance

Anti-bribery, corruption and fraud

We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings. We strive hard to avoid corruption in any form, including bribery, and complying with the anti-corruption laws of every country in which we operate. We believe – adherence to these standards is essential, and we expect all our employees and any person acting on its behalf to comply with these principles and to act in the best interest of the company in all case. We conduct regular anti-bribery assessments and audits of our business to identify potential misconduct and ensure full compliance with local and international anti-bribery, corruption and fraud laws and policy. We maintain a zero tolerance approach to acts of bribery and corruption – Incidents and suspicious activities, if noted, will be investigated at any cost and where illicit activity is confirmed, involved parties will be subjected to disciplinary measures. We also continue to leverage opportunities to root out corruption in partnership with other organisations, whenever possible.

Forging Ethical Relationships

Our strict adherence to the principles of trust, integrity, agility and innovation act at the heart of all our dealings and drive the way we work for the benefit of Ghanaian consumers. Achieving growth as a sustainable enterprise by contributing to a prosperous society through our uncompromising approach to simplify the lives of people has been our priority since the day of establishment. Along with acquainting our employees with the legal and ethical aspects involved, we strive hard in fostering healthy, mutually-beneficial relationships with our suppliers, business partners and customers. While giving and receiving gifts has a role to play in building these relationships, doing so should never create improper influences or obligations. The commitment to contribute to the development of a more secure society guides our efforts to continuously improve our corporate value through sound and efficient business management.

Help us Fight Ethical Breaches

We are always committed to minimising any potential negative impacts on the society by avoiding all mere appearance of impropriety. If you suspect or are aware of any illegal, non-compliant, fraudulent or unethical behaviour, yes, we want to know about it. Anonymously report such incidents by contacting Any issues raised with the system will be treated in the strictest confidence. Our team will undertake to thoroughly investigate all reported matters and take the necessary steps flowing from the investigation. Rest assured, reports to this system will be kept confidential to the extent possible, and only those who need to be informed to address the concerns raised will be advised of the report.